This week we received 24 students who come to study an academic year in Ireland, to Irish Catholic schools, and to live with Irish families. They are boys and girls from Mexico, Spain, Macao, Hong Kong, Germany, Italy and France.

Many of our students come from schools in different countries in groups but these students do not come in any particular group. They are individual students from different parts of the world who join our program to study English in Ireland.

This course will be held in Ireland (from the end of August to the end of June), in the south of Dublin, a very quiet and familiar area.

During the week students attend classes in Catholic schools with other Irish children. They have the same subjects and the same exams as the students in Ireland.

All of our students live on a full-board basis with Irish families with children around their age. Our students become one of the family. All families are meticulously selected offering a warm and trustworthy atmosphere.

On Saturdays, all our individual students make a common plan: English classes, cultural activities, sports and trips. These are days to enjoy with other international students.

And on Sundays they spend the day with their Irish family, resting and participating in their family plans.

In Ireland there are 3 seasons of rest: a few days at the beginning of November, the Christmas holidays and another week of rest in the week of Easter. During these days of rest, some of our international students take the opportunity to return to their country of origin for a few days to visit their families.

The course has already started! We wish our students they enjoy, learn a lot of English and make great friends.