Here are some tips that can help you improve your English.


  1. Record what you say: Think a topic and start talking. Record what you speak and then listen slowly to check your mistakes, improve your accent…
  2. Imitate the accent: This may seem fun, but it is important to imitate the accent of people who speak English. If you speak Spanish, French, Italian… you will usually speak English with the accent of your mother tongue. Try from time to time to put effort in imitating the English accent. Maybe you can practice when you are in a relaxed conversation with friends.
  3. Constancy: This is the best advice. Try to fix time every day to learning English, whether in an academy, with a book, with videos on YouTube … but try to have a concrete time and a place to study every day.
  4. Possible verbal forms: Think of a phrase you just heard and translate it into English. For example ‘I like this’. Now think how you would say in the past, in interrogative, change the subject… all combinations you can create.
  5. Speaking speed: This exercise is very good to learn and memorize sounds. Speak very slowly, like in slow motion. Repeat the phrase a little faster, then faster, and more… Until you almost do not understand what you say by speed. It is an excellent training.
  6. Study aloud: Many people study English for hours with a book in silence. This is fine to learn the grammar structures or vocabulary but to learn the pronunciation you should listen to audios and especially you should talk a lot. It is good to study aloud to practice the sounds.
  7. Mobile and computer: Configure your mobile and your computer in English. At first it will be difficult for you to find some things but little by little you will get used to working with them and it will help you to think in English.
  8. Subtitles: Put English subtitles on TV and the movies you watch. Try to watch movies with English subtitles and with audio in English or in your own language. This will give you a lot of mental agility to think in both languages ​​and you will improve your “listening”. It is good that you watch the movies several times.
  9. Lyrics of the songs: Search music groups that you like and listen to their songs with the lyrics in front of you. When the song has a complicated sentence, stop the music and repeat the sentence slowly and aloud.