Dear Past Pupils,

We hope you are very well. It has been some time since we were last in touch. It was in May during the lockdown when we previously contacted you as part of our initiative to reach out to all our past pupils. Now it’s November and I can thankfully say that our programmes are back up and running again.

It hasn’t been easy with all the restrictions but we managed to bring a healthy number of brave students to Dublin from several Asian and European countries. It’s a lower number than what we’re used to but we are very happy to have them here. They arrived in late August and are mostly staying for the full year, some for a semester. They are now attending local day schools and boarding schools in Dublin. They are all getting on well and adapting to all the changes. Thankfully we have had no Covid cases so far and despite recently entering in another ‘lockdown’ all the schools have remained open.

We have been able to keep our Saturday plan going and the photos you see here are from those activities.

We are concentrating our efforts now on recruiting more international students for 2021/22. We have taken part in several online fairs and plan to do more throughout this academic year. We may have lost our school groups this year but there are still individual students who are very keen to come and we have no issues looking after them. Our government are taking all the necessary measures to keep everyone safe so that gives us confidence. Hopefully things will be back to normal by September 2021. Fingers crossed!

So that’s our news. We enjoy having once again reestablished this contact with you. Please forward this to your sons/daughters as we would love to hear from them. We wish you all the best and we hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy!

Kind regards,

The Rockbrook team.