Host Families

Living with an Irish Family

Students stay with local host families. They will be treated like any other member of the family and are expected to behave accordingly. In general they must abide by the same rules as the child of their age and perform small duties that other members of the family do, for example, clearing the table, tidying their room, setting the table etc.

The families are carefully chosen and regularly inspected by Rockbrook staff. They are selected based on various criteria: friendliness, trustworthiness, closeness and on their moral values. While the majority of our host families are Catholic not all are actively practicing.

They must live in a comfortable, safe and clean environment and be able to provide for all the student’s needs. The children in the family won’t necessarily go to the same school as the student but they must live near to the school or be on a good transport route (bus or tram) so the student can get to the school. They will either have their own bedroom or share.

Rockbrook International

Becoming a Host family