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All boarding schools in Ireland are private and they can be for boys, girls or mixed.
We offer each of these options.

In addition to placing students in high schools and families, we also place a limited number of students in boarding schools located in Dublin and in other parts of Ireland. Boarding schools are an excellent option for students who prefer to live in a more structured environment. Boarding school students sleep in dormitory rooms with other international and Irish students. All daily meals are provided by the school. Boarding schools also offer intensive sports, study programmes and weekend plans. For students who don’t feel comfortable with the prospect of living with a host family, boarding schools provide a perfect alternative.

Our role is to act as “local sponsors” for these students. This role is to provide a range of services, from airport transfers to the provision of uniforms and books, acting as liaison between the boarding school and the student’s family on a number of important issues, to organising accommodation with an Irish host family when the school boarding facilities are not available. Many Irish boarding schools require a student from abroad to have a local sponsor or guardian, and they specify their role and responsibilities in detail. In any case, even if not explicitly required, it is highly recommended that each student have such a local sponsor to act as a mentor and generally to look after the needs of the students beyond what the school provides. The appropriate level of service varies significantly both with the boarding school and with the circumstances of each student (such as age and country of origin). We therefore tailor a package of sponsorship services to suit each individual case.

Our Complete Boarding package includes:

  • Guardianship – For Boarding school students we will act as a “local guardian“. Irish boarding schools usually require a student from abroad to have a “local guardian”, who provides support for the student while in Ireland beyond that which the school provides, in various circumstances.

  • Alternative Accommodation – we organise a stay in an Irish host family when the school boarding facilities are not available; some weekends and mid-term breaks.

  • Airport Transfers – all airport transfers during the student’s stay in Dublin.

  • Books/Uniform – we will provide all the books and essential parts of the uniform.

  • Mid-term Excursions – we organise two full-day excursions during each mid-term break. (two per semester)

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